Benefit & Cost

Analyzing these fluids is the best way to look inside the machine's components.
the combination of regular oil sampling and routine preventive maintenance you 
can enjoy the following benefits

► Scheduled downtime
► Increase
component life
► Reduce costs
Increase safety during machine operation

There are normal wear rates for each moving parts of circuit, which is lubricated with oil.

As these parts wear, particles will appear in the oil. These particles are small but easily detected by regular analysis.

An oil analysis will highlight increase in quantity of contaminants and can identify areas of concern, opening door for

preventive action before a failure occurs.

How will this expense be paid ?

1,  The customer side payment to MHE by frame contract

2,  The expense for a each sample to analysis about 400.000 VNĐ ( included VAT invoice but excluded expense Tool oil Sampling Kit, expense send oil to laboratory