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KOWA - Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis

"A small investment for big savings"

The Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA) program determines how your machine is performing. Much
like a blood sample tells how your body is functioning, KOWA is a health check of your equipment.

Why Sample Oil?

Anyone who owns or operates equipment understand that the fluids running through the machinery are their lifeblood-fluids like engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, grease, coolant

How often should you submit oil sample?

Oil sampling is recommended for every 250-500 hours of operation for engines and every 500 -1000 hours for other components.

How KOWA works?

1, Purchase a KOWA oil Sampling Kit

2, Send oil samples to the  laboratory for analysis

3, Receive test results which indicate potential equipment problem on the website : www.kowa.mhe.vn

4, Access historical data online when you need to review trends

*** In case of have any questions, please contact with: Mr. Pham Xuan Kien - Mobile: 0934.472.379