Warranty: free warranty period of 4000 working hours or 1 year for main components. The user benefits from replacement parts and free during the warranty period, as committed by Marubeni Heavy Equipment.

 Periodic inspection during the warranty period after delivery to Customers, and frequent operational checks are done by Komatsu’s engineers and technical staff to ensure the best condition of your equipment.

Inspection visit schedule: 250 working hours, 1000 working hours or 2000 hours (following customer’s requirement) and at 4000 working hours. Marubeni Heavy Equipment pledges maximum support for our customers by technical consultations via communication systems (7/24 hours)

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, within 24 hours (or 12 hours for emergency orders of the customer) Marubeni Heavy Equipment's staff meet directly with the user.

 Free maintenance or training techniques to thank customers for depending on Komatsu’s promotion programmes.

Other services following customer orders:

 Repair on site or at Marubeni Heavy Equipment facilities.

 Complete maintenance service after warranty period.

 Warrant extension programmes.

 Lubricant analysis to prevent part and component damage and failure

 After finish the warranty period, Marubeni Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd will make the warrant service for whole the equipment if has requirement.