KOMTRAX system of remote device management application on the Komatsu excavator, bulldozer, dump truck and forklift. KOMTRAX is designed with the aim to enhance the management and improve equipment efficiency. The benefits of KOMTRAX can be summarized as follows:

KOMTRAX is free to use with customers, all new Komatsu machines are equipped KOMTRAX black box as a standard equipment. This is a superior advantage of Komatsu to other manufacturers.

Monthly reports of KOMTRAX as well as the status of daily operation of the machine by SMS will be provided by KOMTRAX support when customers request.

  1. Remote device management
    • Management of machines working hours (hours work, now it does not load)
    • Management details and the exact amount of fuel consumption
    • Device location, set up the work area (automatic warning when outside work area is set)
    • Manage moving of the machine, even if the machine does not work, anti-theft

  2. Management driving machine mechanic
    • Manage driving machine working attitude, working or not, work performance through the engine no-load hours
    • Managing the unauthorized machine is not in the frame work hours through the operation of the plant chart
    • Able to detect fuel theft detection when the fuel level drops suddenly that the machine does not work

  3. Machine management
    • Update the basic information on the operational status of the device
    • Updated information maintenance, proactive planning helped maintain production in line with
    • Updating of computer errors help repair plan in time to avoid serious damage

  4. Optimal efficiency, operational cost savings
    • Report monthly operational details of each machine is MHE sent to the customer together with the recommendation to use the most efficient equipment, the most fuel efficient

  5. Increase the resale value of equipment
    • Based on detailed information about the whole process of the operation of the machine, the customer can set up profiles on the device to increase the value as well as the ability to resell

  6. Services support from MHE
  • KOMTRAX is standard equipment, and Komatsu free customer support service users.
  • Friendly user interface entirely in Vietnamese and can be accessed on tablets as well as smartphones
  • MHE sends a detailed report with recommended monthly for each device operation
  • MHE sends messages to cell phones daily summary reports device status