1. Job description - To build up and maintain good relation for the assigned customer/ equipment - To identify services sales opportunity - To implement Distributor’s obligation services such as Receiving inspection, Pre-delivery inspection, periodic inspection/ maintenance, Deliver Service, Machine Touch, Voluntary Visit and in Field Campaign work - To assist on repairing, installing and overhaul work leaded by the higher level technician - To implement troubleshooting, maintenance and advise customer to use genuine parts - To make parts sales plan. To prepare quotation and sales contract, and follow the contract until all parties finish their obligations on the contract - To submit periodic reports as required including written report, services report with parts recommendation, and parts sales report


    1. Job description - Planning proactively in finding, meeting and taking care of customer - Identifying customer demand, offer solution and help customer choose appropriate product - Making quotation and negotiating with customer, persuading customer to buy product according to MHE policy - Negotiating conditions and terms of contract - Reporting and monitoring delivery schedule, resolving issues related to products. - Monitoring and reporting to Manager the market change, price, competitor information - Implementing new polices, promoting new products. - Visiting the potential customers in order to find out new demands. - Carrying out other duties assigned by manager

  • RECEPTIONIST (Expired)

    Job description: - To stand by at company reception area - To be in charge of EMS, fax, telephone at reception desk - To check and deliver payment request of employee to accounting department - Carrying out other duties assigned by manager


    Job description - To support service department: make quotation, credit for customer and create service contract, and part sale contract - To finish all procedures in control system - To control the services cost of machines including delivery cost, maintenance, and machines visiting - To follow all machines in warranty, and update maintenance process - To carry out other tasks assigned by direct supervisor

  • RECRUITMENT INFORMATION Position: Admin staff Quantity: 01 staff ( Expired )

    1. Canteen control: to check menu and the input food, to make report on the number of staff taking lunch at canteen. To make daily payment request for the canteen. Prepare related document involve to canteen inspection and related issue of managing canteen.

  • RECRUITMENT INFORMATION Position: Service assistant Quantity: 02 staffs (01 staff for Construction Service dept. – 01 staff for Forklift Service dept.) ( Expired )

    1. To support services of construction machines - To input daily record of Technician into eXtend system - To record and send service report to MHE HQ service - To prepare revenue quotation, follow order, parts status - To assist on preparing contract, dispatch, credit and payment request, to follow the payment situation with accounting dept - To call for customer to check the repairing evaluation - To make the incentive payment request for technician

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