Realizing the northwestern region is becoming a potential market for construction equipment as well as gratitude to customers for trusting and using Komatsu equipment in recent years, Marubeni  Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd organized customer conference in Muong Thanh Lai Chau Hotel, Lai Chau city, Lai Chau province. At the conference had more than 56 customers from 44 companies who were important partners of our company...
The main content of the conference was:
- Introduce new version for our excavators: Komatsu PC200-8M0, PC350-8M0
- Introduce equipment and spare parts.
- Gratitude to customers for using Komatsu equipment
- Customer perceived Komatsu’s equipments (On behalf of customer: Hoang Nham Company)
- Send some gift to special customer (Hoang Nham Company)
- Introduce Komatsu’s new product and great progress compare with competitors (For example: Komtrax and oil analysis Kowa). 
- Have dinner and some special activities with customer.