On 25th October 2013, the Opening Ceremony and Open House Day were held successfully by Marubeni Heavy Equipment with the attendance of more than 700 customers and officials coming from many companies and government agency. Especially, it was a great honor to welcome Japanese Embassy who wish from the bottom of his heart with his desire that MHE will get reputation in its business in the coming time...
The ceremony occasion took place in 2 places: Lot 7th, Quang Minh industrial zone and Deawoo Hotel in Hanoi. The head office of MHE is a big store-building complex which located at a big area in Quang Minh industrial zone facing to Highway from Hanoi city to Noi Bai International Airport. It is considered that this is a judicious decision of the board of managers due to there are a lot of current and potential customers in surrounding area. 

At the ceremony, customers were introduced about office building, facilities, functional room and also high technologies applied to Komatsu equipment. Furthermore, a show of huge excavator operated by a woman performing “Friendly” word in two languages of Vietnamese and Japanese given much delight to the guest. Specially, all the attendance were impressive by performance of skilled operation of the excavator using its 1m3 bucket to pour out glasses of wine serving customers as a professional waitress.

Along with the ebullient activities at MHE head office, other customers were welcome with hospitality; warming atmosphere by opening ceremony took place at Hanoi Deawoo Hotel.  This event also marked the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam – Japan diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Japan. The ceremony begun with Vietnam traditional drum performance following by Sake drum opening by 6 Vip guests. Everybody cheered with Japan wooden cup for  success of MHE in the coming time. All attendance were together enjoyed Yosaki show with new experiment from Japan culture and Vietnam singing and dancing performed by famous artists.

The opening ceremony of MHE has affirmed its ability for incessantly development and spreading in the heavy equipment field in Vietnam supporting by a well-know consortium such as Marubeni group.