Participants: Quang Ninh football team & Hanoi football team

Stadium: 12-11 Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

Time: from 4h – 5h30 on Saturday 22/7/17

Style: Two main half, each half: 30 minutes, Haft time: 10 minutes


4h00      Took some pictures

4h20      Started the match.

4h35      There was a first score for Quanh Ninh team. Goal score: Nguyen Manh Ha, Score: 1-0

4h40      An equalizer is made by Vu Duy Hung from Ha Noi team.

4h46 and 4h48 There was 2 scores for QN team. It has been scored by Hoang Thanh Tung và Nguyen Truong Giang, The Score: 3-1

4h50      Finished the first half, The both teams took a rest in 10 minutes.

5h00      Started the second half,

5h15      Ha Noi scored a goal and shorten a goal different. The new score was: 2 -3. Goal score: Vu Duy Hung from HN team.

5h25      The final score has made by Pham Minh Hai from QN team.

5h30      Finished the match, The final score was 4-2. And Quang Ninh team was a winner.

After the match, Both teams joined a party and more.