In this spring tour program, we are offered incense to Dinh King, Le King, visit Tam Coc Bich Dong, Cham Chim. They are the famous religious and tourist spots of Ninh Binh province.

On our departure day It is the nicest day in February of humid season. We arrive at Temple of Dinh King, Le King in Ninh Binh province in the cool and dry weather. As soon as we enter the temple, the whole group was attracted by a pleasant scent, Grapefruit flower’s fragrance sometimes brought in the majestic silence of two ancient temples create a special charm.

After offering the incense and praying at the temples, we continue to board the coach to visit the Thung Nham ecological zone. This place gathers a lot of sightseeing and special attractions such as: But cave, banyan tree, fruit garden, thousand year tree, valley of love ... but special points attract tourists Vietnamese but also international visitors is the bird park. It is inhabited and lived by a variety of birds such as stork, cauldron, leeches, fire sticks, starlings ... Especially in the bird park there are two precious bird species listed in the book that  is the Flamingo and Phoenix, one of the mascots in the four precious Long-Ly-Quy-Phuong (Dragon- Lion- Turtle- Phoenix).

Farewell to the ecology zone, Farewell to the flock of birds, we return to the hotel and prepare for the barbecue tonight. This is the dinner that all members were expecting, with us, this is one of the occasions for all departments to sit together happily, share and freely express themselves. In the cold evening of spring with the flaming blaze of firewood and the toasting of our colleagues, and in the warmth of our warmth, we enjoyed our best.  We believe that tonight activities will be great memories.

The little cold morning in the mountains wake us up to prepare a new day that promise exciting discoveries. Today we will visit Tam Coc Bich Dong. Tam Coc - Bich Dong is considered as the most attractive tourist destination in Ninh Binh, known for its famous names such as "Halong bay on land" or "The second Great Cave in Vietnam ". This is the harmonized combination of the beautiful scenery of the cave, the rugged mountains, the romantic rivers and streams with the talent of human beings forming a unique mass.

When people and nature blend, the time is ‘settling down’ as results of old generation speech. Farewell to the Trade union members are the handshakes, the warm smile, the attached eyes are the complete end of the tour of the delegation. See you again, brothers, sisters, friends and grandchildren next season. Wish MHE family a health, peace and good luck in new year 2017.