MHE Summer trip 2023 – Danang


MHE Summer trip 2023 – Convergence – Connection –Development Together

In the celebration of the 10th birthday – the Board of Directors of Marubeni Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. has decided to organize the Summer trip 2023 at Da Nang beach with the participation of all employees from 03 regions of the country. This is the first time all employees of 04 offices have had the chance to meet each other although we have been working together for a long time mostly via email, phone ... Everyone was eager and excited for this occasion.

Video tổng hợp:

- Team Building - Gala Dinner - Ha Noi Office

- Quang Ninh Branch - Best Performer - 10 Year MHE

- Song Quang Ninh - Song Ha Noi - Song Nakajijma

- Dancing - Da Nang Branch

Welcoming our team was the sunshine of Da Nang with blue sky, white clouds and the coast with endless seashore. We chose Melia Danang Beach Resort as our relaxing destination.

With a larger number of participants than usual, the scope of the program became more spectacular, and required more preparations. Our preparations started two months ago. Behind the enthusiasm of all departments and branches, we have the very dedicated support from the host Da Nang Branch, so all members of the delegation were very assured, just picking up the backpacks and having an enjoyable time.

The warm up activity was the running competition "MHE Ekiden 2023" along the beach with the participation of 12 teams of 4 branch offices from 3 regions. Each team has its own color but  all shared the spirit of MHE's solidarity. At the beginning of the race, the athletes were eager to run like the wind, but running on the sand was not easy, by the next lap most of them were exhausted & their footsteps seemed heavier from sinking into the sand. A female athlete was so tired that she thought she was going to faint, but with the enthusiastic cheering from spectators, she kept running and reached the finish line. A male athlete got a muscle strain but didn’t give up so as not to disappoint his teammates. And there appeared a lot of reluctant coaches to advise and guide athletes to run like this and that to "crawl" to the finish line….the special thing about these coaches is giving advices after the athlete has reached the finish line. All these experiences accumilated from this race shall be helpful for the next year competition.

To strengthen the connection among members, during the dinner of the first day, each table had people having same working positions but from all 3 regions. The most sentence which was listened was that " it turns out that you are...,until now we have met", " it turns out that you are ... we have been working together such a long time, hearing names all the time and now I can see you in person" together with closed handshakes, smiles & cheers.

Team building activities to help all members of the Marubeni Heavy Equipment family closer were organized in next morning. The opening with hot & exciting dance from the cheering team has brought a breath of fresh air. Facebook and Zalo was filled with pictures of these beautiful young girls and we have  already received an promise for next year's performance from this team.

Then the funny games was organized to make our teams more connected & relax.



Because of the sunshine, everyone got tired faster, but there were still many exciting games to play together. 

A football play on the beach was held in the afternoon of the second day between three teams of Hanoi – Quang Ninh – Da Nang & Bien Hoa joint venture. We thought that after going through team building activities in such a sunny morning, most football players would be tired, however the reality was quite the opposite.

It was not time for the game, but the players were fully dressed, went out early to get used to the field and also drew lots to divide the matches. Three teams competed in a round-robin format, and there were 2 teams that had to play consecutively and 1 team had a longer break. When it was known that Quang Ninh team had to play 02 consecutive rounds, the Hanoi team laughed cheered, but did not know that the Da Nang - Bien Hoa Coalition was the happiest team because this team had the longest break.

The fans were enthusiastic with trumpets, whistles, hats, bottles, etc., fully equipped. The "fruit mountain" was also prepared for both players and fans to power up. In particular, our teams were on fire that made one guide volunteer to be the referee for all three rounds. Sports spirit went very high at that moment.

While the players worked hard to create beautiful ball lines, the fans enthusiastically cheered, the next door neighbor who was setting up the dinner party was filled with fear every time a player kicked the ball in the air. Even though we had to change the field three times to make the neighbors less shaken, the football matches still took place jubilantly and excitingly. The players are usually drivers, storekeepers, IT, technicians, or salesman... but on the football field they were no different from professional players.

The next day was optional tour activities to visit famous places of Danang such as Cu Lao Cham Island, Vinwonder Nam Hoi An, Hoi An Ancient Town.

Gala dinner was organized at Melia Danang Beach Resort Convention Center to summary our tour.

The program was started with an introduction video about Marubeni Corporation and the 10-year journey of establishment and development of Marubeni Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. – The place opening a happy career journey.

We were delighted to receive greetings from the Leaders from the Marubeni Corporation.

And the presence of the new General Director – Mr.Kei Chiba at this Gala gathering from 3 regions.

Next is the awarding section for the best performers in 2022 - recognizing and praising the achievements and contributions of typical faces who have contributed significantly to the overall achievements of an  "explosive" year of Marubeni Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd.

The teams playing with the spirit of solidarity, fairplay had made the success of the program. The Board of Directors of the company was very pleased to give awards which recognizing the achievements of individuals and teams for team building, running, soccer, best performance staffs. Fun was the main purpose, but every team got a prize to bring home.

Following was diversityperformances prepared by famous singers & professional dancers from MHE’s garden. These were prepared since some months ago for this night.

It was opened by a sexy dance performance from professional dancers of Hanoi Office.

Next performance was the very youthful, fiery dancers from Quang Ninh office.

The performance of Thi Mau song from Da Nang office was very traditional and unique. The audience was very surprised with this performance, the artists were so immersive and excellent.


The northern mountainous scenery was shown very vividly through the performance of singer Nguyen Thi Lan from Quang Ninh.

Mr. Nakajima performed a Vietnamese song very emotionally even though he had only been in Vietnam for a year.


MHE singers performed so professionally that making the whole stage on fire & so exciting.

First time in MHE history, there was such a fun and meaningful Gala night like this. The first time everyone was so enthusiastic, the first time the whole team went on stage laughing and dancing as if the stage was going to be collapsed. The whole organizing team also joined with the MHE family, when the hall was going to be closed but it seemed that no one wanted to leave the party. 

MHE's Summer trip program took place successfully. We would like to express our sincere thanks to MHE's Board of Directors for organizing a meaningful program for all employees. We especially thank you to all the colleagues from all departments and branches who have contributed to make happy & energetic moments of the Marubeni Heavy Equipment family.