Annually, hundreds of products are distributed to the market by our company. Our company has variuos types of products, and all our products are for manufacturing. Our customers range from small-sized companies to large enterprises, coming from different sectors of the economy.

If the equipment works effectively, there is high possibility that customers will continue to choose us when they have a demand. Therefore, as for all products sold, when handing over the products to our customers, there are always employees to instruct our customers to operate and maintain the equipment according to manufacturer recommendations.

Coal companies in Quang Ninh – directly under Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Holding Coporation Limited, are the large and regular customers of our company. They often invest in heavy equipments that require a considerable amount of fund. Our customers’ operators and technicians usually are high-skilled labours, who have a pretty good knowledge about equipment maintenance.



  In October 2018, Vinacomin - Ha Tu Coal Joint Stock Company invested in Komatsu bulldozer D155A-6 which has flywheel horsepower of 268Kw @ 1900 v/p, 41,700 kg in operating weight and 9.4m3 blade capacity.

After handing over the equipment, MHE Training department appointed trainer to instruct 10 operators and technicians, in total, from Vinacomin - Ha Tu Coal Joint Stock Company in one and a half day. After the instruction course, the operators and technicians became familiar with new functions of bulldozer, understood the save and effective operating process as well as the machine maintenance period according to Komatsu recommendations.

In the same month, Tay Nam Da Mai Coal Joint Stock Company invested in Komatsu Dump Truck HD785-7 which has flywheel horsepower of 895Kw @ 1900 v/p, 166,000 kg in  operating weight, capacity of 60m3 (2:1; SAE) and payload of 100.3 US tonnes. Our company also appointed trainer to instruct 21 operators and technicians, in total, in 2 days.



Every employee of MHE always works with a lot of self-discipline, and with the aim to become a reliable partner, as well as a companion for customers and for enterprises. Customers’ successes are the main determinants of MHE’s success. Hence, trainers of the company always want to give customers’ operators and technicians all their knowledge and experiences.

Author: Ngo Huy Cong