Human resources play an important role in the success of a company. Employee training not only equips employees with skills necessary for their jobs, but is also an investment for the future when they are with the company in the long run. Employees would feel encouraged and motivated to work effectively, therefore, ensuring stable long-term competitiveness.

 Aside from organizing regular internal training, the leadership of our company still pay much attention to organizing training courses taught by professionals outside the company and sending employees to foreign training centres.

 In 2018, our company have sent 5 employees to Komatsu training centre in Bangkok, Thailand (ATDC) and in Komatsu city, Japan (TTC).


  • Two technicians from Quang Ninh branch were sent to study: “Inspecting and troubleshooting for Articulated dump truck HM400-3R” from October 30th to November 2nd, 2018

  • One sales employee from Bien Hoa branch was sent to study: “Advanced Sales Course” from 13th – 16th November, 2018

  • One internal trainer was sent to study: “Inspecting and troubleshooting hydraulic excavator PC2000-8” from 11th – 14th December, 2018


The HM400-3R truck is the newly developed articulated dump truck of Komatsu. Recently, Vinacomin Coc Sau Coal Joint Stock Company at Cam Pha, Quang Ninh are using this kind of truck to work three shifs continuously in a day. To ensure an effective operation of these trucks, there is demand for excellent service technicians that are professionally trained by Marubeni Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd (MHE).



Service technician: Hoang Ngoc Anh


Service technician: Trinh Van Luong






          Sale Executive: Tran Duy Nin



  • One technician from Quang Ninh branch was sent to study: “HD465-7R truck transmission overhaul” from 26th – 30th November, 2018


        Service technician: Do Tien Manh

As for the professional and the quality of the repairing service, Quang Ninh branch often receives orders for overhauling main components of the truck, such as the engine and the transmission, from miners.


Author : Ngo Huy Cong