Generator Sets EGS1050 - 7
Specifications Numbers
50 Hz Prime 910 kWA/728 kW
50 Hz Standby 1000 kWA/800 kW

Komatsu generators G7 origin  used Komatsu engine (Made in Japan) and the world-renowned top quality components according to the most advanced technical processes

                 Komatsu generators capable of running 24 / 24h for 7 consecutive days.

Komatsu generator allows an unlimited number of hours run for 1 year warranty (usually other brands limited to running 1500 hours).

Each generator Komatsu product before delivery are rigorous testing standards of Komatsu company.

Compact engine design and advanced technology have helped perfect Komatsu generators and more feature-rich

Main functions:

  • Strong capacity in generate electricity
  • Low consumption
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low noisy level
  • Low weight and strait composition
  • High reliability and durability

Technical of Komatsu Air-to-Air after cooled engine Advanced Air-to-Air after cooled Engines were applied in Komatsu’s generators that create new type of high quality, high reliability generators.

Komatsu’s Air-to-Air after cooled engines technology help Komatsu’s generators use lest fuel and lubricating oil in whole of generator in the market.

Komatsu’s generators have many other functions such as:

  • Easy control block because it has less regulator and conducting-wire.
  • Easy to control and remain because all its states operation were automated.