This year, Marubeni Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. is excited to join the summer tour 2017. This is one of the annual welfare activities for employees, so the most important focus is quality of service. We pay special attention to the quality of rooms and quality of services at the resorts and Vinpearl Ha Long is matched to our choice.

Even though this year Ha Long is near, it's only 3 hours’ drive from Hanoi, but Vinpear Ha Long has brought us unexpected satisfactoriness. Someone said that you will only have a meaningful summer vacation if you take your time in the middle or in the southern beaches of Vietnam. But as soon as when we checked-in at Vinpearl Ha Long, everyone noticed the difference. Located on the whole of Reu island - the pristine island has four sides is the beach - Vinpearl Ha Long has a panoramic view of the entire Ha Long Bay. This is the source of hundreds selfie, that has been posted on the social website and it was also an evidence of the employee’s satisfaction.


Staying in a beautiful resort, having a delicious meals and having an interesting schedule so everybody was happy and heartened. Our tour was full of enthusiasm, comfort and union. Teambuilding and Gala dinner were the main emphasis of this tour. Everybody was union, self-confident to gain the best result. We already had a meaningful time together.



Good bye summer, we start to work hardly. We will try our best for the reputation of MHE and we hope that next year we will have better summer tour as an award for our effort. Let try! See you again in the next summer trip.