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  • Summer trip 2019 – Da Nang city

    Goodbye to the very hot weather of Hanoi, this summer Hanoi Office - Marubeni Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd came to the coastal city - Da Nang with fun and exciting activities like team building, Ba Na hill tour, Cu Lao Cham tour, Hoi An tour or resting tour at the 4 star hotel


    In the afternoon on December 14, 2018, at the National Hanoi Convention Center, Marubeni Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd organised a 5-year anniversary. This is also an opportunity for MHE to express its gratitude to partners, customers and leaders of MHE branches.

  • Summer trip 2018

    This year Marubeni Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd has successfully organized a meaningful summer trip 2018. The destination of Hanoi branch is FLC Thanh Hoa. Since this is one of the company’s annual benefits activities, it has been well-planned and prepared. Unbelievably, the weather forecast reported the storm in Thanh Hoa on that weekend (departure day). We all worried about how this trip is going to be. On August 17th, in spite of mostly cloudy weather, the whole company were ready on time. Fortunately when we arrived Thanh Hoa, the sky is bright, and the storm was forecasted to completely change direction.


    Annually, hundreds of products are distributed to the market by our company. Our company has variuos types of products, and all our products are for manufacturing. Our customers range from small-sized companies to large enterprises, coming from different sectors of the economy.


    Human resources play an important role in the success of a company. Employee training not only equips employees with skills necessary for their jobs, but is also an investment for the future when they are with the company in the long run. Employees would feel encouraged and motivated to work effectively, therefore, ensuring stable long-term competitiveness.


    The annual Advanced Technic Contest (ATC) has become familiar with the technicians at Marubeni Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd (MHE). With the purpose of encouraging continuous studies, improving workmanship untiringly and creating a stage for technicians from branches in Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Bien Hoa and Da Nang, leadership of MHE decided to hold the ATC 2018. In this competition, technicians have the chance to meet, exchange experiences and learn from each other. They are all aiming for the highest level of customer satisfaction, following previous successes.

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