Cultural and Sport Congress of Japanese enterprises in Quang Minh Industrial Zone in 2018

Go along with Cultural and Sport Congress of Japanese enterprises in Quang Minh Industrial Zone was launched in June 2018, after over two months, there were hundreds of athletes and amateur singers and Labors who register to participate in this event.

The highlights of this event is the football contest. It gathers 507 athletes from 16 Japanese enterprises in the area. There were 28 matches. Teams have provided more than 50 goals with such the beautiful and professional shots (for both men’s and women’s football).

The teams have invested time and effort for the training and practicing. Therefore, the tournament has been very fierce and professional. The game was very dramatic, with

For the success of this tournament, we have to talk about organizing work that is done very professional such as preparing work, First Aid, Security and other facilities. All was perfect.

This is the first time MHE team participate to this event for men’s football only. MHE team played in derby game at the first round with ABE company team on 07/8/2018 and MUTO company team on 23/8/2018. MHE team has tried their best for the wonderful matches. Although, we could not come to the next round, but we already given the best impression in that tournament.

Not only football, there were many other sports in the congress such as: tug of war, badminton, marathon race, sprint…

This congress is a very meaningful activity that attracting a lot of employees to participate. It helps to create a favorable condition for them to exchange, learn and practice sports to improve the quality of life, step by step build a healthy lifestyle.